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DataCurrents is an IT company dedicated to providing outstanding solutions for to data management. Initially specializing in database management services, we realized a need for inexpensive and fast real-time data replication solutions between database systems from different vendors. DataCurrents software was born to address this specific need. In addition to DataCurrents software suite, we offer a complete range of data management, data migration, transformations, and consolidation services.

Leveraging our experience in working with large Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller businesses across various industries, we mine our product expertise to offer a full range of mission-critical data management solution services and software products . We measure our success by customer satisfaction, and maintaining long-term business relationships by providing excellent quality services that exceeds customer expectations is our goal.

We are located in Toronto, Canada, and provide services worldwide.

'Real time data replication from Oracle to other databases'
Overview of replication technologies for Oracle databases. The paper shows benefits of DataCurrents replication.
DataCurrents Datasheet
The paper provides technical description for DataCurrents data replication software.

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