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Change History
DataCurrents Replication has gone through several iterations. Below is a limited change history, highlighting the main changes made to each version.

Version 2.4

  • Changes
  • - Improved user interface
    - Simplified wizards for initial replication setup and configuration
    - Enhanced security for data protection
    - Additional logging

Version 2.3

  • Changes
  • - Online data transformations using DataCurrents eXpression Language; transparent for all target databases
    - Online Data Filtering using DataCurrents eXpression Language
    ( partial tables data can be replicated based on data expressions that are similar to standard SQL WHERE clauses)
    - Oracle RAC Support (source or target databases),
    - "active-active" replication for Oracle databases
    - Schema level data replication
    - Partitioning DDL support for Oracle-to-Oracle replication
    - Non-intrusive data re-synchronization between target and source databases
    - Updated lightweight user interface in the Management Console
    - Online updates notifications in the Management Console
    - License management

Version 2.2

  • General Changes
  • - full support of BLOB, CLOB datatypes;
  • Installation Program
  • - ;
  • Management Console
  • - detailed statistics, graphs and status of DataCurrents components is now available on the "Dashboard";
    - bug fixes;
  • DCServer

Version 2.1

  • General Changes
  • - full support of Oracle 9iR2 (9.2.X.X) version as a source for data replication;
    - performance improvements
  • Installation Program
  • - improved installation and upgrade functionality;
    - separate Installation of all DataCurrents components
    - support of Windows, Linux, Solaris operating systems
  • Management Console
  • - intuitive visual data mapping for multiple tables;
    - "Copy/Paste" functionality to insert multiple source tables for data mapping;
    - online multi-threaded resynchronization of target tables from source;
    -functionality to add new tables for data replication online, without stopping or restarting replication process;
    - improved replication statistics;
    - improved error handling;
    - support of Windows, Linux, Solaris 9, 10 operating systems
  • DCServer
  • - support of Windows, Linux, Solaris 10 operating systems.

Version 2.0

  • General Changes
  • - improved performance for capturing and applying changes from source to target
  • Installation Program
  • - fully automated installer for initial setup and configuration
  • Management Console
  • - new UI console for replication setup, monitoring and management activities
    - configuration wizards for adding tables for replication, columns mapping
    - built-in configuration for different target database types
    - pre-configured setup to select Oracle, MS SQL Server or MySQL as a target database for replication
    - initial data-loading
    - statistics for captured, parsed and applied changes in source and target databases
    - online data re-synchronization from source to target tables
    - adding tables, performing column mappings online
  • DCServer
  • - data transformation during data replication

'Real time data replication from Oracle to other databases'
Overview of replication technologies for Oracle databases. The paper shows benefits of DataCurrents replication.
DataCurrents Datasheet
The paper provides technical description for DataCurrents data replication software.

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